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Flight of four margaritas


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Two employees smiling behind bar at customer
Employee smiling behind bar serving three  tropical drinks with pineapple and fruit to the side
Employee walking with full tray of Mexican food
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Welcome to Avion Azul,

where authentic Mexican flavors meet modern culinary innovation. Our story is a blend of tradition and innovation, just like the owner himself.


Meet Catarino Martinez, the heart and soul of our restaurant. Born in the vibrant state of Jalisco, Mexico, his early years were filled helping at his dads restaurant in Florida while going to school. Later on he went to school for business and wanted to open up his own restaurant with ideas he had.


While growing up in the United States, Catarino was determined to share his love for Mexican flavors with a broader audience. He combined his traditional upbringing with the diversity and creativity of the U.S. culinary scene to create a unique fusion that defines Avion Azul.

At Avion Azul, we honor our roots while embracing the culinary trends of today. Our menu features time-honored Mexican recipes passed down through generations, elevated with a modern twist.

We source the freshest ingredients, to create dishes that not only pay homage to the flavors of Jalisco but also cater to the diverse palates of our community.


Our mission is to take you on a culinary journey that celebrates Mexico's rich heritage and the owner's personal connection to it, all within the contemporary and inviting ambiance of our restaurant. We invite you to join us in savoring the essence of both Mexico and the U.S., brought to your plate by Catarino's passion and expertise.

Bienvenidos at Avion Azul

where tradition and innovation come together to create an unforgettable dining experience

Avion Azul logo

Meaning Behind Our Name & Logo

Our name, Avion Azul, means "Blue Plane" in English.

Our logo is inspired by the talavera, ceramic produced in Mexico. The isotope design combines traditional with modern and geometric lines. The surrounding square refers to a map in reference to the airport as well as the four cardinal points to indicate the destination. And of course, the plane in the center represents our name and restaurant location inside an airport.

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